Welcome to Urbana, Ohio

Often, our guests want to know what there is to do in Urbana, Ohio.

Well, where do we start?

Sure, we understand that many won’t find Urbana, Ohio on the “must see” tourist attractions of North America, but few would argue that there is an irresistible charm to the Midwestern town. A charm you may have to discover, but once you find it, you’ll get it. Life moves at a bit slower pace. A pace that allows one to appreciate the finer things in life… like good food and good friends.

In the midst of miles of cornfields and amber waves of grain, as America the Beautiful describes, you’ll discover Urbana. It’s a quaint little town nestled in the hospitable Midwest. A small town where it isn’t uncommon to see families make their weekly pilgrimage to watch the hometown football game. In the same seats the family has owned for three generations. A small town where most of the people in a restaurant know most everyone else in the restaurant.

We are proudly listed as the home of Urbana University, the Grimes Airport, and the historic manors on the main streets.

If you need a place to stay, check out Scioto Inn right downtown. An upscale, luxury suites perfect for a little getaway.

The food is fabulous in downtown Urbana. Be sure to check out Crabill’s, often listed as one of the nation’s best hamburgers, the Depot Coffee House, or our newest restaurant, Forage.

If you appreciate hobnobbing for hidden treasure, Urbana is listed on the national registry for antique shopping. Urbana even has a antique theater. Once known as the Gloria Theatre, it was then converted into a movie theatre, and is now once again the Gloria Theatre.

About a mile out of town is a family friendly fish farm that hosts a lively fish and shrimp festival every third weekend in September. You’ll find great food and great live music. The rest of the time kids are able to feed trout and pet sturgeon. Yeah, you read correctly… the children can have an unforgettable experience petting sturgeon.

About 20 minutes out of town, is Young’s Jersey Dairy, the kids and adults alike can enjoy petting animals, hayrides, fresh ice cream, mini gulf, driving ranges, and batting cages.

The Champaign County Fair is usually in the beginning of August. However, the fair grounds, Grimes Airport, our city park, and our town square hold festivals though out the year.

If adventure is more your flavor, check out Markin’s Zipline, rent a canoe and paddle the Mad River. We also have bike paths that make you feel as if you are deep in nature. About 20 minutes away is Mad River Mountain, a small ski hill on the highest point of Ohio.

For a small day trip, half an hour out of town is the historic town of Yellow Springs. It is filled with the peace-loving, hippie spirit of the 1970s. Visitors and locals alike enjoy the unique atmosphere, small boutiques, festivals, and delicious restaurants. It also has several nature parks perfect for hiking.

For a little further day trip, of approximately 40 minutes, you could go to the National Air Force Base Museum. Discover more about our nation’s aviation.

Come and see what all Urbana has to offer!


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